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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

teacock wrote: View Post
Boy S/UF you're making me dislike Archer even more I'm having to remind myself that he improves greatly.
Sorry about that. I type my responses to these episodes as I watch them or right after. I may not get around to posting at that time, much of the time yes, but this was typed when I just couldn't believe how she was being treated.

Gaith wrote: View Post
I like "Stigma", though it's probably best viewed as non-canon, especially since T'Pol willingly consented to the mind-meld in "Fusion" before she was attacked, so it's not as though she was quite blameless there.

Still, I'll take a good bad canon ep over a dull canon-neutral one any day... I think.
Here's where I have an issue with this part of your statement. She did agree to the meld, but she agreed as someone who'd never tried it before and was a bit apprehensive about it to begin with, and her soon-to-be-attacker knew that. She was placing her trust in him, and he knew that too. Things were fine up until he wanted to push farther than she was willing to go and he went there anyway, and that was the violation. She never consented to that.

What he did was the equivalent of sleeping with a virgin who's not all that sure about sex in the first place (you basically had to talk them into "trying" it), and then a few minutes in deciding to have rough, hard-core porn-star sex with them after they've already said they're not comfortable with that and they shout out "Stop!" and that you are hurting them. And yes, it's going to hurt them. He should have known better and to stop as soon as she said she was uncomfortable. And I think he did know better. He just didn't care. Poor T'Pol had to find that out the hard way. He damaged her mind, but at least it wasn't permanent. Had she not been strong enough to fight him off and he had his way, she would have been permanently damaged. She didn't consent to that.

Cthulurok wrote: View Post
Archer seems to have some serious mood swings. I'm sure there's medication for it.
He really does. I think he's the only moody captain out of the bunch. Sisko could get emotional at times, but he wasn't moody. Moodiness implies an emotional instability that I would think could bar someone from the captain's chair, but it was the first mission, so...

Zombie Redshirt wrote: View Post
Even the serial killer Vulcan wasn't a rude jerk about it though.
True. Although, they didn't really speak to or interact with him.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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