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Re: First-run syndicated television dramas from the late 80s-90s

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I've been trying to remember but it's a bit fuzzy, wasn't there a show where a theme song sequence featured a speed boat (Not Baywatch) that was part of the network that brought Kung Fu: The Legend Continues and Babylon 5? The only other show I remember was Time Trax, which I actually never saw. Still, the 90s first run syndication was very memorable.
I posted the Thunder in Paradise opening. Is that what you're thinking of?
Yeah. That's another thing I miss. The Cheesy songs in the intros. I'm listening to this theme song and it is so close to the Baywatch theme it's not funny. I didn't know Hulk Hogan was in this show.

I guess they had two songs. The one I listened to sounded close to Baywatch. The one you posted, Aragorn, sounds nothing like the Baywatch theme.
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