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Re: If you were on the Enterprise D, what would you do?

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Mr. Starling I presume?
For those of us who would bring the technology of the Enteprise to the modern world, the Starling route would be almost a necessity.

The more easily exploitable technology would be used to create wealth, which would then establish research labs. If you found the cure for AIDS and cancer on the Enterprise, but it was only a few vials in a storage box, what then? Episodes like Code of Honor and The Enemy show that the replicator has trouble reproducing certain medical treatments. You're going to have to reverse engineer a lot of things on the Enterprise to then mass manufacture them with 21st century technology.

It would be like if you were sent to the 17th century and knew how to make synthetic diamonds. Isn't that nice, because you can't produce them with 17th century tech.

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