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Re: Who would you like to portray the 12th doctor?

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^ What do you base that on? I can see maybe Simm as the Master but are there any other signs of that?
Simm as the Master? I was able to enjoy the Character he portrayed, but, Simm's Master was not really to my taste of what the Character of The Master should be so I envisioned him as a different Rogue Tomelord, but, then I appreciated Eric Roberts' version of The Master, which many didn't

Oh, also, considering Legendary SciFi Icons, I'd love to see Mira Furlan play a Rebooted Rani (Just watched The Coming of Shadows and Learning Curve in honor of Turhan Bey's Passing)

Rickman as The Master, I just picture Snape and his Romantic parts and Galaxy Quest, and just think he has the range to be an oily dripping sleazebag of a selfish calculating Bastard. Simm, IMHO, played the Master as too much of a Prankster
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