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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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I don't think that Decker necessarily arrived "near" the hangar. He merely arrived on the H(angar) deck level (deck 13 according to your cutaway) and that sign near the ladder could simply be a deck marker that tells people on which deck they are.
Yes, I took the "Shuttlecraft Hangar Deck" sign that he was not on the same level as the flight deck. Since there was no space for another hallway at the hangar deck level due to the width of the engineering hull, it made sense to me to put the hallway between the flight deck and the hangar deck hallway used in the JTB and TIS.

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Nevertheless I believe he arrived at a (semi-)circular corridor near the yellow circle which corresponds to the circular corridor of deck 12 above (Kirk's provisional quarters in "Mudd's Women")
Interestingly enough, if you watch "Mudd's Women" you won't be able to easily tell how curved Deck 12 is because of the wide angle lense, the camera motion and the position of the camera. All you can tell is that it's got a curve to it. We catch a glimpse of Deck 12 again in "The Enemy Within" when Fisher calls for help. A later shot with evil Kirk skulking around may or may not be on Deck 12 because of the way it was cut.

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and further up the one leading to the "Engineering Section" ("Ultimate Computer", "Journey to Babel"), above which there is the corridor next to the Auxilary Control Room (deck 8) and the ladder down to the upper level of the Engineering Section ("Doomsday Machine"), although Scotty and his enginners seem to have taken a detour through the other rooms on the starboard side upper level.
IIRC, the only episode that shows the entire length and curve of that corridor set leading to Engineering is "The Ultimate Computer". The other episodes only show short segments of that hall via cuts which could then easily be dropped into the engineering hull. Only "The Ultimate Computer", IIRC, would put the engineering room action in the primary hull.

One more thing - in my Thermian interpretation, I "don't know" of this circular hallway that is used over and over again in various cuts and editing. So I approach each hallway scene leading up to a room as what I can actually discern from it on screen and not that I know it's part of a larger set.

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The general problem with the external windows in Kirk's (and Mudd's) quarters simply is that the only feasible explanation is to have these in the engineering hull next to a circular corridor (or a piece of it).
As Mytran has pointed out and I've got an image in this thread that illustrates the only two windows we've seen are in "The Mark of Gideon" and "The Conscience of the King". The insets in the cabins were never shown to have the outside stars which indicates just a shelf or some cabin inset.

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Same with "Mark of Gideon", it's a curved outer wall that could only be in the engineering hull or the 'teardrop'. But even in the 'teardrop' (did they recreate the entire ship or just the saucer?) there would have to a tighter circular corridor.
The way they filmed the path Kirk took you only see a tiny portion of the corridor before they cut to them zig-zag entering the observation room. The curvature of the inner wall suggests that they are near the middle of the engineering hull.

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If there had been a spherical reactor on Defiant, I presume it has been in "Enterprise" or TOS-R.
Actually I was referring to the sphere for a warp core. Reminds me a bit of the ol' Romulan Cloaking Device

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I was looking at your cutaway in post # 60 and if it wasn't for the (conjectural) reactor I'd think making the cathedral longer to at least allign its upper part parallel to the upper side of the saucer might be a good compromise (same in the engineering hull). I liked Mytran's idea of a distorting transparent (and radiation-proof?) panel and Geoffrey Mandel seriously suggested that the cathedral in the engineering hull is just a monitor display of the "impulse reaction chamber".
For my purposes, the cathedral needs to work in all the angles that were shot on camera. That rules out compromising on the shape. A distorting panel or display again would have to be able to match up to the shots as shown.

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I would have considered the refit concept credible but ironically your own observations (# 37) revealed, in my opinion, that we are looking a two distinct engine rooms (i.e. "Engine Control room" in the saucer and "Engineering Section" in the engineering hull).
Yep. In my version you can see that there are two distinct engine rooms, one for the primary and one for the engineering hull. However, the engineering hull space using TMP as a guide is pretty credible to me as it can be worked in as an evolutionary step. I'm just going backwards to guess at what the TOS guts would look like.

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"I am tempted to make the ship larger. But the only way I'll do that is if the flight deck requires a larger ship (and all signs point to Yes) as it is the only thing that has a direct connection to the exterior of the ship."
Good news, the flight deck (and these fabulous b&w pictures) is the reference point. For the length of the shuttlecraft will you take the length of the studio set or what the inside volume suggests?
Because the flight deck was shown in the series only from the front of the deck looking aft, I will not use the the other angles of reference pictures of the forced-perspective shooting model.

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"I think you're recognizing some of the fun challenges I have on this project The other thing that I have to consider are the connecting hallways as seen in the episode when placing the rooms. It's a fun challenge to place the rooms in such a way that the hallways can still connect somewhere."
The challenges are definitely fun, it's like a giant jigsaw puzzle. I'm focusing on the turbolift system as a starting point and then go from there. The deck plans for the engineering hull I'm working on will reflect the turbolift locations and I hope I can get them connected in a credible way.

Will you be doing the Auxilary Control Room and the S3 Recreation deck room anytime soom?
Good luck on your work. Would love to see you start up a thread here on your project. I'm in a phase right now where I'm enjoying making other TOS ships before focusing back into this thread so it'll be a while before seeing other rooms.
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