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So, Episode 3.

Speaking of actors I recognized, Hiro Kanagawa! He plays Doctor Gibson in this episode, the guy Keira grills on the sperm donor patients. I knew him as Cyrus Xander from Caprica. That actors from other Canadian-shot sci-fi shows appear is gonna be inevitable, obviously, but he's the first one I actually remember having been in the BSGverse.

As for the episode itself, the series seems to kind of set up a rather obvious connection between Alex's family life and the general story, since his stepfather is anti-corporatist (ah, resentment of a stepfather, there's a novel idea). The series also invests a fair bit this episode in the conflict among the Liber8, but honestly since we barely know these people - at this point the smarmy Kellogg is probably the best defined - it doesn't carry a lot of weight. I spent more time making sure I knew who was who then actually connecting to any of it.

Still this is another solid episode. The action scene at the end was good, the use of future tech wizardry by both criminals and cops enlivens the whole procedural stuff, and so on. Looking forward to where we're going next, why not.
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