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Chris Hemsworth.

I know Chris Hemsworth aka George Kirk is now a mega movie star in Hollywood especially with the phenomenal success of Thor/Avengers. However I really wish he would get lots of recognition as George kirk.

I would say that his role in the first 10-12 minutes of star trek 2009 was by far his best performance and his best acting in the whole of his film career.

The emotion, endurance and depth he brought as George Kirk was way better than what he brought to Thor’s character. it’s like with Thor he became known as this handsome beef-cake whereas in star trek people did see him as a serious actor.

May I also add that the beginning of Star Trek 2009 has been one of the best opening to any film ever and this won’t have happen if not for George Kirk's sacrifices to save his wife and son.

Chris brought so much emotion and realism in those scenes especially when he laughs and say Tiberius or when he kept on saying he loved his wife over and over again when he was looking at death in the face.

it was just so heartfelt something that I never got from him he he played Thor.

I just hope that as time goes by He will get mainstream popularity for his work in star trek instead of been the guy who hard a cameo in a star trek film.
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