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Re: Firefly/Serenity

His general point may be similar to mine, in that calling TV of recent years the golden age of television -as much a strong period for American TV as the 1970s was for American cinema - is not exactly a minority opinion among TV critics.

Even if one finds all the TV one watches today to be not that great (which like, fair enough - and you don't seem to be watching anything I'm watching, while I'm not watching anything you're watching), there's still that critical consensus to deal with.

Of course, most of these American dramas have been on cable, which means they've been much less watched than network shows in the US... so there's also that.
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I've recently finished Andromeda S1, and I think it's pretty damned good overall (Yes, I realize depending upon who you talk to, it falls apart anywhere from S1 - S4, just like popular opinion seems to be for Earth:Final COnflict, but, I'll deal with that when I get there). But, S1, and the few S2 episodes I've seen are pretty good.
I watched Andromeda in first run.

Well... at least until somewhere in the middle of season two. That show went downhill sharply after RHW left, believe me, which is why I can't really mention it as an example of a 'good' space opera show... but like you, I did really enjoy the first season, have fond memories of it, and am thus looking forward to RHW's Defender, assuming it ever materializes.
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