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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

@ Cold Lazarus: one of my favourite episodes in season 1. But I agree about showing Charlie to Sara. On the other hand, I thought the emotions of this episode rang very true - and I'd have loved to see Sara return at some point because it's not for a lack of love that they separated.

@ Fire and Water: I especially loved the scenes where the team dealt with Daniel's "death".

@ Hathor: Actually, I hate that episode. Daniel's basically raped in this episode, and no one addresses that.

In general: I keep coming back to SG-1 because the team is quite perfectly balanced. They just work as a team (although I by far prefer Jack and Daniel to Teal'c and Sam). There's lots of humour, but lots of drama and understatement as well. SG-A tried to copy that later, and had basically an O'Neill-ripoff with Sheppard... and a copy's almost never as good as the original.
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