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Re: New Model of 1701

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. No updates today, but I corrected a few things that were bugging me (mostly window sizes & location on the saucer).

I thought I would mention, though, what I'm aiming for from an 'accuracy' standpoint. My target is the production version of the 11-footer with the following notes:

The nacelles, neck and secondary hull on my model are symmetrical. I believe this was the design intention. I chose to make all the windows symmetrical, as well.

The saucer is not symmetrical -- at least the windows aren't. The 11-footer shows different window patterns on the port side & that's what I chose to follow.

As I mentioned above, I'm using the Casimiro plans as my main guide. But, I have found a few little things in those drawings that needed correcting. I'm also using all the photographic references I can find including screen caps & Smithsonian pictures.

The tricky thing with the Smithsonian pics, is reconciling all the changes that were made to the model which weren't present during the series' production.

Back to work...
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