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Re: Ziyal is having more surgery

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The short version of today's app't with the surgeon:

We came up with a plausible reason why the wound temporarily deteriorated when it did. (Notice I said "temporarily". Yes, it started improving again the next day. ) Either it will heal completely, in its own good time and without any further treatment, or it will need extensive surgery. He doesn't recommend considering surgery for at least three months. So, next appointment in three months, but holler if I need him in-between.

Wave bye-bye to this thread, folks.
That sounds like a good thing. My own wound did the same. It almost seemed I'd got a terrible infection for a day or two, I was terrified, and then was fine. Mine healed naturally, it's not a very nice scare but I don't mind it. They have offered to try and fix it with plastic surgery but any surgery is dangerous for me, I have opted not to have the plastic surgery.

Hope it goes well for you.
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