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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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A million+ people go a week without food and you'll be surprised how savage they become. Any Amish within walking distance may not die themselves, but any food/farming they had would be stripped clean.

I'm curious - why do you and perhaps Scout 101 believe that Americans would exhibit this behavior?

For example, Africans today right now are living in abject poverty, starvation and mostly w/o electricity yet they don't exhibit the behaviors you'd associate with Americans who are in starvation mode?

Example 2: After the Tusanmi in Japan several remote villates went many days - even up to 3 weeks - after the complete distruction of their town/village without food/clothing or electricity yet they failed to riot or strip clean the less forunate or strong of their supplies. Why?

Example 3: After the Hatian earthquake, 3/4 of the population became instantly homeless - many were starving to death yet the population didn't riot against the more forunate in the country. Why?

Are you suggesting that Americans are uniquely violent in desparate situations?
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