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Re: Firefly/Serenity

I don't know what to say about tV in general, really. The only shows that still produce new episodes that I watch on a regular basis are: Pawn Stars, Family Guy, South Park, Big bang theory, Young Justice and Arrow (it just started, and my interest may not last, but I'm liking it so far). Two other shows I really liked ended recently (Eureka and House), and Smallville ended last year (although I was really bad about following it the last 2 seasons, I pretty much just watched them on dVD). I just don't see anything else really interesting. Most of the stuff I watch besides what I listed is old stuff, or stuff I like but don't follow every week (like warehouse 13 and resturant Impossible). I'm a nerd, so my tastes are different than the average viewer (Sci Fi and superhero shows/cartoons are some of my favorite stuff), and to me most new TV just isn't interesting. The ninties/early 2000's were great, now there isn't a lot for me to watch. I really don't want to see a show about Hal from Malcom in the Middle as a drug dealer, or a show about 1960's advertising agents.

There are some good shows, but overall TV today is definately inferior to what it was years ago. I sound like some old guy complaining about the kids today (I'm 21).
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