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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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I was thinking of something related to this. The Amish currently live and work without electricity and are very self sufficient in comparison to most average Americans.

In a world where the lights go out wouldn't they become the new specialists in terms of survival skills? Assuming they'd be willing to share their secrets on surviving without electricity I'd assume that any Amish community would be a safe haven for most refugees.
Wow, you've got a real low opinion of desparate human beings, don't ya. You're saying that perhaps hundreds of thousands of people would abandon their morals and rape, steal, and even kill the Amish of all people for their supplies?

These are the people if you recall several years back that forgave the murderer of several of their children in a schoolhouse - and IMO one of the few Christian groups that actually ACTS like Jesus would have wanted them to.

Perhaps you're right. Remember though - there are several Amish settlements in Eastern Ohio that are not as close to a major population center that people may forget about and not as easy of a walk.

Ohio Amish communities
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