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Re: Any old timers still around?

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Speaking of Oldtimers: does anyone know what happened to Freakish American Batboy? Last thing I heard was that he married.
And what about Phoonzang? He was such a nice guy! He got a new job, moved and was never heard of again
And is Bedpan Elemental still around? He (or she??) thought I was a clone of Che Guevara LOL!
And what happened to our Lounge Mod Stastny? I helped her with her final exams in German. She then took on a job in a hospital and then I lost contact. At least Darkening is still around, now and then.
And where is ElanaM? We used to have so much fun in chat!

And where are Evil Robert and Biotech?
What really bothers me is that I've been a member for almost twelve years and yet I can remember just two of those names...and one of them I'm not 100% sure if I'm mistaking for somebody else. Yet I can remember the momentary flash-in-the-pan trolls like Sisko's Ballsack and Clown Meat who showed up for one or two days, were banned and haven't returned unless it's under a new account and screenname.
"Human instinct is pretty strong. You can't expect us to change overnight."

-Jonathan Archer, 2151
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