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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I prefer less grain, call me crazy.

You can always filter it out by yourself if you are desprate to do so. However, the rest of us can't restore detail that has already been erased. The TOS movie blu rays are a bit of an atrocity, especially when compared to what CBS is doing with the remastering.

Read some reviews online over the last year, and generally speaking, the blurays get quite a bit of praise, only a very small percentage dislike the noise reduction. Most agree the blurays are the best presentation of the movies ever.

Having said that, I don't own a single one of the old movies on bluray. I will have to check it out myself.

No wayyyy

I promise not to post anymore about the movies after this as I am derailing the thread, but perhaps it is relevant to TNG because thankfully they left the grain alone The movie blurays are utter pants. The detail is in the grain! Removing and smoothing the grain away reduces the detail and ruins the picture quality.

This is what happens when you remove the grain Spock OMG!

Now that is the most extreme example in the entire set but it shows how much Paramount ruined the picture so they could make the set as cheaply as they possibly could. Meanwhile a few miles away CBS invest tens of millions of dollars putting an entire tv show through post production, they are totally showing Paramount up. Thank god CBS got involved with Trek because if it was still down to Paramount we would be getting upscaled TNG HD blu-rays right now.
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