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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

That challenge was so well shot, loved the end when they were missing the final jar full of rice and then finally the red team's swings back and breaks the jar.

Blue team just cannot catch a break, but really Russell lost that challenge for them crawling like an idiot to the platform after falling so far behind before Malcolm could go and swing rope at the jars. So glad he's gone, and I'm honestly surprised he's not more used to failure.

Crazy brazilian is still crazy. Loved how the guy (Peter?) planted the clue next to RC, seems like he's really got his shit together. If RC is smart she plays up how crazy the brazilian is to get back in to people's good graces.

Looked like from the previews that the final two from the blue tribe somehow have the clue for the idol, hope one of them finds it. I wonder when the merge will be? We're at 14 players I think, usually it merges around 10-11 I think?
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