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Re: Changing Language Usage

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It's not that language evolves, it's just that it's been definitionally optimized.
Marry me!!!

In my native language there have been quite a lot of changes too, in the last decades. There is a massive tendency away from educated expressions and towards lower class vocabulary. - Hmm, this sounds quite a bit snobbish, but I am not certain how else to put it.

When I was a kid, a bomb would detonate. Now it blows up, even in the most posh newspaper or TV station.

Frankly, this angers me quite a bit. All the time our politicians complain about how stupid their voters are (they ought to thank heavens for that, else they wouldn't have gotten elected!) and that many people are not even able to speak a single grammatically correct sentence (sad but indeed true). But if all media attempt to surpass each other in using the lowest language level, how are people supposed to learn proper use of language? How are they to discover the many possibilities and facettes our language offers? Not to mention the simple beauty that can be in a well-put phrase?
150 years ago we were labelled "the people of poets and thinkers". Now we are the people of stammerers and nitwits! And it appears to become a global trend
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