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I'm not, just not projecting it to equate to the happy little suburban villages that the show has given us. Only point was that it would take a long time to get back to these things. We aren't just going a step backwards, we're taking the whole ladder away, so would take a while to get back up.
I was thinking of something related to this. The Amish currently live and work without electricity and are very self sufficient in comparison to most average Americans.

In a world where the lights go out wouldn't they become the new specialists in terms of survival skills? Assuming they'd be willing to share their secrets on surviving without electricity I'd assume that any Amish community would be a safe haven for most refugees.
Yes, until everyone else within walking distance had the same idea. "Wait, aren't the Amish all geared up for this?" They'd then get a massive swarm of refugees, and quickly be overrun. They'd try and help as long as they can, but eventually the entire area would be stripped clean, and they'd all die or move on. Way too close to Philly, they'd never have a chance. Million and a half people, give or take, within a day or two's walk. They'd be picked clean.

By the time anyone was organized enough to try and become a warlord, the Amish would be a memory, and you'd find a few burned-out barns on some destroyed farmland...

For that plan to work, you'd have to act on it IMMEDIATELY, like in the first few days, before people realized it wasn't going back to normal and panic set in. But you don't have the transportation, location, or clout to pull that off for a while. Or you'd have to have done it BEFORE the blackout, and stockpiled material and people somewhere ahead of time, somewhere fortified and protected.
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