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So I finally just got myself caught up on this thread and I see there was some discussion about my pic that kinda branched off into a discussion about peoples' opinions about body modification in general.. I'm so glad my stupid little picture sparked so much controversy! hahaha....anyways, just wanna say: I'm not offended by peoples' opinions ...and furthermore, if I do find myself offended or insulted, I try to let go of those feelings within's my issue, not theirs. I'm pretty comfortable with the way I look.. I've had all of my piercings and all of my tattoos for years now and they are part of me. What other people think really doesn't concern me one way or the other. But on that note, thanks for the compliments too! Compliments are always nice, makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside
I think it's both people's problem; yeah, you should have a thick skin and not take offense at every little thing, but on the other hand, people shouldn't just be dicks. On top of that, I usually get the impression when people say things like what was said about your piercings, that they really don't realize how rude and insulting they're being. Like you, I am not offended when people make negative comments about my tattoos (because I like them), and I've gotten plenty of negative comments about them around here, but just because you and I have a thick enough skin to deal with it doesn't mean it's not wrong.

Anyway, here's on of my tatts, the most recent one, from a the summer before last. The last time I posted it I was told how horrible it was that I'd scribbled all over myself. But hey, if you're gonna scribble all over yourself, you could do worse for quotations to choose!


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