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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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There's nbo such thing as canon on Doctor Who and in The Hungry Earth it was changed to only Amy standing on the hill since Rory was erased from time.
And since Rory's exisntence was restored, presumably he was standing with Amy on the hill again.

And there's still no frame for the graveyard scenes.
The modern day New York scenes are set in 2012. This is fact, stated in dialogue a couple of times. Rory's grave was seen when the Doctor and Amy left in the TARDIS to begin their attempt to get to 1938. At the end, after Amy and Rory are returned to the graveyard after their jump off the roof, there's a line like "we're back where we started" suggesting this is 2012. More concrete proof, after Amy and Rory are transported by the Angel the Doctor runs to Central Park to get the page he ripped out of the book, meaning that it must still be 2012.
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