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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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My STO bank pretty much just has tribbles and unique weapons in it. Anything of value I acquire gets immediately vendored, traded for dilithium, or sold on the exchange. I don't know how y'all hoard so much stuff.
crafting (i've sold so many quantum torps as of late) I need to maintain around 300 of each particle, and at least 20 of each rare particles and that takes a lot of space, + as of late I am filling fleet bank with particles, around 50-70 of each, each day, I've reached my max atm on most particles, have 7-8 quantum and 10-12 below admiral quantum torpedo on sale. (admiral I didn't craft, wold be waste of resources) there are few ppl who posted very rare mark XI torpedoes at the exchange for next to nothing, I was lucky to get them for peanuts, selling them now for gold press latinum

I've crafted loads of other stuff that I'm selling now and its quite profitable for me at least, in one day I've made 5 million energy credits. Money isn't everything, but it helps if i need some stuff like very rare XII consoles for my ship or some other stuff. Although I am tempted by fleet gear now, it looks better than maco stuff, problem is it ain't cheap.
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