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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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I can't speak for STR, but I expect energy and resource crises to put the brakes on this "exponential growth" idea. What we are doing is simply not sustainable, and any notion that we will reach the Singularity in time to avoid the effects of such shortages is little more than fantasy.

Actually I've posted on this before, there are no energy shortages, never will be, resources abound in this solar system...dire prediction never take variables of future development into account and are therefore generally useless, other than to spur motivated, active individuals to work on it, and plenty of organizations are doing what gov'ts are slow to.

That is a fantasy.

It is not economically viable to harvest resources from beyond Earth. Not now, and probably not for a long while. We still have a lot of resources to exploit here on Earth. But I notice you said resources, not energy. Those are not the same thing. The fact is, fossil fuels are a limited energy resource, and we are using them up. The alternatives we have aren't that great. They are getting better, but it's clear that the energy advantages we got from fossil fuels are going to vanish once those are used up. And there are some that we may not fully use up because to do so would be environmentally destructive. There are already emerging problems with hydraulic fracturing, and while the US has tremendous amounts of coal, coal mining is still a very dirty and dangerous business--not to mention the fact that we blow up mountains to get at it.

Your attitude is really the whole problem. "Don't worry, somebody will find a solution in time." Unless they don't.

AH you are mistaken, energy sources AND resources. Resources will not be economically feasible till there are actually efforts to gather it, hence current projects the may be able to tap into asteroid mining, when it becomes more common, prices go down, simple.

As for energy sources, even without lifting another finger we have the greatest energy source we can imagine 93 million miles away, if we absorb only a fraction of it's energy radiated to our planet we can power the whole Earth easily, nano-materials, and energy storage technologies are if we really want to work at it, fusion and generation IV nuclear fission technologies can also supply tremendous power, and before the scare tactic energy shortage dates predicted by the scaremongers. No one can even agree when "peak oil" is.

It's not pie in the sky, it's happening, nations are turning to solar (even the plodding gov't all over the world now have subsidies for solar, and all sorts of perks for adopting it), the technology and materials industries are booming, ITER and it's follow up are funded and planned. You can refer to the other threads in the technology forum where I have discussed these at length before earlier in the year, if anything the march of progress in all these areas has exploded since then.

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