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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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My classical station plays the better sort of movie scores - John Williams, LOTR etc - largely because the listeners approve of that kind of expansion of the definition of "classical music."

I used to listen to a classical music station that switched to jazz in the evenings. And I wouldn't mind if they started playing minimalism like Philip Glass, who certainly deserved to be counted as a serious, not pop, musician. (But I know the guy's stuff is not universally liked.)

For me, classical, jazz, minimalism and the best movie scores all fall under the same general category of "serious music." So I can easily see how someone might lump horror, sci fi and fantasy together without worrying too much about boundaries.
I can see a horror/fantasy channel that utilizes elements of sci-fi but a sci-fi channel should try to keep sci-fi separate from jazz and hip hop. Integrity of the material and the programming standards (discretion) like the pirahnnas and mutant sharks.
See, you slipped and proved the point against yourself there. Once you start talking mutant sharks, you put a scientific gloss over it and it becomes science fiction.
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