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Re: If you were on the Enterprise D, what would you do?

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I will not be able to maintain the ship, but the ship computer is worth it weight in gold.

Set up a patent holding company, and then start to release a steady stream of patents, medical (Yea, cure cancer), energy (working fusion reactors anyone?) Entertainment (Holosuite R' Us) Advanced materials, and so on. Most likely hold back some of the duel-use stuff that can be weaponized for now. From the revenue of such miracles, 10% tithe, and 10% to a charity that moves this new technology to the poorer nations of the world. the 80% is living money and investment money. Becme a swiss citizen. Prep the world to be more ready for alien contact when i let off those warp engines.

and in my free time. Holodeck. my own private one and with custom programs.

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This sounds suspiciously like a Voyager two-parter.

Mr. Starling I presume?
Had to look him up on memory alpha since I have only watched the first season of Voy and a few post Jeri Ryan episodes.

I was thinking more of Rasmussen from TNG. A listing of the technology of the 24th century (assuming progress and not some dark ages) in the 21st century would be a massive jump forward. Of course, I would give the technology of say, AIDS and Cancer treatments away for free, just for the massive PR bonus and as a good human being.

much like if you got shifted back to 18th century with a listing of the current patents in the patent office you could upgrade the world technology rapidly.
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