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I'm afraid I must tell you that they were all taken with my iPhone 4S. I get better pictures on my phone than I do with my actual camera. Better video, too.
Well, you're certainly getting the best out of it! And those phones can be amazing sometimes... do you ever check out Flickr's interesting photos...? The amount of breathtaking epic shots done with the iphones is just ridiculous! I don't know how they do it, I cannot seem to produce anything on that level with mine! I think you need the right light, time, place, and instinct of course, and a good helping of luck... or that's what I tell myself...

But I'm hoping to eventually get a DSLR so I can really improve my photography.
I think if you got that out of a phone, you'll do wonders with a DSLR! Some great deals in the pre-owned stores (usually like a 3rd off) for anyone looking to buy, and a one year guarantee thrown in, which takes the risk out of it... the better brands are built to last, so I do not think it is essential to go brand new, unless you can comfortably do so.
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