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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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What about new versions for the movies? Maybe ST-TMP (Director's Cut) and STII-TWOK (Director's Cut)? It could involve Burnett for VAM, but not necessarily involve CBS's overworked staff working on TNG...

Although I would love to see DS9 ASAP, and I guess CBS perceived the BDs will make some money and then they may want to run before the BD age ends, and they loose the opportunity to rip us off with it before streaming becomes the norm, I don't see them remastering so much stuff in so little time. Even the choice of Enterprise shows they want to release the stuff that is ready, to make a buck without spending as much as a full restoration from uncut negatives.

So, my 2 cents are on the movies... maybe we'll get Robert Wise's vision in HD, at last!

The movies are controlled by Paramount---not CBS, so if anything is done too the movies it would be Paramount calling the shots.

It's not too outlandish. They obviously shared footage for the TNG Blu Rays. I'm not saying this is the case, but a profit sharing agreement where say CBS-D does all the work and Paramount just sits back and twiddles its thumbs and say gets 30% of the profit from the remastered movie sales for doing nothing could conceivably work on paper.
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