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Re: TP: Brinkmanship by Una McCormack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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And Hartzilla2007 is right,the Tzenkethi are close to becoming a problem for the rest of the Pact with their constant manipulations the shiny gitwizards.
Of course seeing as they were freaked out by the Federation not backing down and they ended up getting play by the Cardassians they may actually start toning the scheming down a little pit.
Between this incident and the Kamemor backfire, it would seem the Tzenkethi are frequently underestimating the degree to which other races will avert (or at least threaten) the intended outcome of their scheming. That makes sense to me - the Tzenkethi have a structured society wherein everyone knows their place and functions as they're supposed to. The Tzenkethi leadership, for all their magnificent bastardry, are used to tidy manipulation of pieces that happily allow themselves to be manipulated. It's far too easy a game. When dealing with aliens, the combination of this expectation and general xenophobia seems to blind the Tzenkethi to the idea that everyone won't just fall into place as and when the Tzenkethi plot. The Tzenkethi are good, but they're just not used to game pieces that have their own agendas and might randomly wander off half way through the game - or worse, turn on them. They're going to over-extend their reach if they're not careful, and possibly alienate their fellow Pact members as well as the Khitomer powers...
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