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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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Speaking of the lack of steampunk objections didn't the fisherman in the flashback scene mention tall ships and steamships being used in the wars so that by then passage to Europe would be as hard as going to the moon in 2012?
Right. That's what I got out of it. Seems like most of the steam technology may have been used/destroyed by the militias throughout countless skirmishes.

On a side note, I've been lurking and reading this thread for a while and some of you nit pick way too much. It's a TV show. I enjoy it for the situation, the characters, and the entertainment value. Reminds me of the Saturday Night Live sketch with the Shat talking at a Star Trek convention, "So move out of your parents' basements, and get your own apartments, and grow the hell up! I mean it's just a TV show, damn it. It's just a TV show!" lol

I have read many survival books, practiced several survival techniques, and hunted for a while now (all hobbies of mine) and could nit pick the living shit out of this show. But I'm in it for the entertainment. To make it wholly realistic would require an incredulous monetary investment that would not receive the desired returns.

And to those who claim society would not collapse that quickly, DOD has looked into what would happen if the US infrastructure was damaged with an EMP type weapon. Reports indicate 60% - 90% of our population dead in a year due mainly to starvation. We are totally dependent upon the power grid and have reserves for maybe a few weeks before everything would truly fail.

And if you think people will still be civil after a grid down crisis, think about this:

Take the suburban dad down the road. He is a nice, friendly family guy now. Take away his creature comforts for a few weeks, have him and his family on the verge of starving, and give him a sick kid. What kind of man do you think he is gonna be when he sees you or anyone else with food/medicine supplies he wants? What would you be like?

Ok, end rant.
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