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Re: TP: Brinkmanship by Una McCormack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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How on Earth, Prime or the Great Link did the Convention avoid being turned into a client state of the Union or absorbed into the Dominion during the war BTW?
I guess we have to assume that the Dominion wasn't interested in them, at least at the time. The Convention is orderly and passive enough, and clearly no threat, so I guess it was left alone. Nor does it have much in the way of military power to be absorbed into the Dominion war machine. If there was a resource in the Convention that the Dominion needed for the war effort and couldn't find elsewhere, they'd have been in there instantly I'm sure, but evidently there was nothing they wanted. I'm sure that once the Dominion was victorious it would have sent a Vorta or six over to explain to the Venetans that they were part of the Dominion now, and to tidy up those chairs please, there's a good member state, but probably it wouldn't really pay them that much attention? Again, at least until it wanted something from their systems.

Pre-Dominion War, I'd assume the Cardassian Union never moved against the Venetan worlds because it might provoke the Tzenkethi. We know from the Terok Nor books that Cardassian/Tzenkethi relations were mistrustful and historically hostile; I'm guessing both sides recognized the Convention as a buffer zone. If one moved in, the other would feel provoked. And seeing that the people making up this buffer zone are no bother or threat, and apparently had no real interest in the outside galaxy, why not just call it good fortune and leave it be?

I wonder if the Venetans' apparent willingness to reach out to the Federation around 2370 was due to the truce between Cardassia and the UFP? Perhaps before then they ignored everyone, but with the Cardassian/Federation border suddenly a more peaceful and secure place than it had been for decades, perhaps there was a flood of trade and travel in the region, and the Venetans found themselves interacting with aliens more frequently. This might have coaxed them out a little? And by this point Cardassia had Maquis trouble and economic problems resulting from the withdrawal from Bajor sector, etc, so it probably wouldn't make the fuss it once might have made when it saw the UFP sending feelers to Venette?
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