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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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"Thanks for the recap! I'll try to answer some of your comments but please bear in mind that its a work-in-progress ".
Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my tiresome comments!

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"That's only if we're comparing the spherical AM container to TNG reactors drawn on an MSD (do we ever see an actual spherical reactor other than Defiant's ?). We do have an excellent example of a spherical AM container as seen in "Obsession" in TOS which is where I got the idea from. ".
If there had been a spherical reactor on Defiant, I presume it has been in "Enterprise" or TOS-R. But you're right, we don't need to rely on either of these as there is, indeed, an excellent example in "Obsession" (although in the photon torpedo system context it fits even better because of the allusion to a cannonball).

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"You're welcome to try fitting it in. The problem is the size and length of a "non-forced perspective" cathedral structure precludes easy fitment into the primary hull with the undercut AND the 2 story tall engine room. The other problem (and it's more for me because of my "Thermian" approach to this project) is that there are simply too many scenes where we see the cathedral from angles that make it impossible for me to assume it is a force-perspective."
I was looking at your cutaway in post # 60 and if it wasn't for the (conjectural) reactor I'd think making the cathedral longer to at least allign its upper part parallel to the upper side of the saucer might be a good compromise (same in the engineering hull). I liked Mytran's idea of a distorting transparent (and radiation-proof?) panel and Geoffrey Mandel seriously suggested that the cathedral in the engineering hull is just a monitor display of the "impulse reaction chamber".

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"I'm following that same idea by having at least two engine rooms that are fairly identical or having some minor differences. At least one in the primary hull and one in the engineering hull. I do look at Enterprise as a ship that was constantly being tinkered with and having minor refits to account for the newer engine rooms, the faster speeds, the feminine computer in TMIY, etc."
I would have considered the refit concept credible but ironically your own observations (# 37) revealed, in my opinion, that we are looking a two distinct engine rooms (i.e. "Engine Control room" in the saucer and "Engineering Section" in the engineering hull).

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"I am tempted to make the ship larger. But the only way I'll do that is if the flight deck requires a larger ship (and all signs point to Yes) as it is the only thing that has a direct connection to the exterior of the ship."
Good news, the flight deck (and these fabulous b&w pictures) is the reference point. For the length of the shuttlecraft will you take the length of the studio set or what the inside volume suggests?

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"I think you're recognizing some of the fun challenges I have on this project The other thing that I have to consider are the connecting hallways as seen in the episode when placing the rooms. It's a fun challenge to place the rooms in such a way that the hallways can still connect somewhere."
The challenges are definitely fun, it's like a giant jigsaw puzzle. I'm focusing on the turbolift system as a starting point and then go from there. The deck plans for the engineering hull I'm working on will reflect the turbolift locations and I hope I can get them connected in a credible way.

Will you be doing the Auxilary Control Room and the S3 Recreation deck room anytime soom?

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