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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Hathor: This was just hilarious! But first I must compliment Hathor on her nail polish. It's pretty hot, not quite Pulp Fiction levels but the subtle glitter is a nice touch. Matches her hair too.

So in this ep Daniel Jackson completely forgets he is married and sleeps with the Goa'uld queen. Immediately afterward she is seen in a steaming birthing pool (conveniently located in the locker room). Squeaky larval noises are coming from the water leading to can't-unsee-it visions of what is coming out of where

The little doctor, Janet Frasier is great in this, I hope we see more of her other than the background doctor role. She is pretty spunky, I'd love it if she was the gay character but I suppose that is too much to wish for.

I also hope we see Hathor again.

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