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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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Unfortunately Who as a show falls apart if you think about it too much, I used to think it should have rules and canon, but now I understand what Paul Cornell said all those years ago, it's just impossible.
When did he say that?

There is a point to me asking.
Here you go

2007...has he contradicted himself since then?

Couple of quotes from it.

Not giving a toss about how it all fits together is one of Doctor Who’s oldest, proudest traditions, a strength of the series. (And a No Prize to the person who points out the first ever continuity error in the original series.) It’s allowed infinite change, and never left the show crunched into a corner after all the dramatic options had already been done. Terrible continuity equals infinitely flexible format. It’s indefinability that results in that old ‘indefinable magic’. Much in the same way that there’s no one definition of what a ‘Doctor Who companion’ is that includes all of them, and so a new one can be whatever works.
So this is what those I yelled at above might get some comfort from. Those who say that because the New Adventures are canonical, therefore the TV series shouldn’t contradict them (and those people also are often inclined to abuse the opposition in search of false authority) are ignoring the fact that the TV series now has a licence to contradict itself, and has already used it, big time. (In the original series, it just did that without having any such device. Three different versions of the destruction of Atlantis, two of them irreconcilable. Perhaps simple time travel, rather than a Time War, is all it takes to make history, canonicity and continuity meaningless.)
Highlights mine.

Obviously at the end of the day this is just one guy's opinion, same as each of us have an opinion, and like I say I did rail a little against this the first time I read it many years ago, but its an interesting article to insert into the debate.
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