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Re: What If It All Went Nu?

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From what I've gathered, Kirk got suspended as a cadet, in his third year. He wasn't even allowed to board the enterprise with the others when it left.

That either means he had no commission at the time he boarded the Enterprise, it was a writers error, or he actually was listed as a lieutenant even though he was a cadet under academic suspension..
His third year would have been his last year. He made it through the academy at an accelerated pace. IIRC, they have a three years later title at the start of the "present day" sequence to show that Kirk has made it through the academy in three years just as he promised Pike.

Kirk being a cadet with the rank of Lieutenant is like Saavik, who in TWOK, was a cadet with the rank of Lieutenant. It's not a coincidence they were both taking the Kobayashi Maru.

Why would being under academic suspension preclude him from being a Lieutenant? I would think the only way for him to lose his rank would be if the hearing found him guilty.

With cars an everything, it will depends on interpretation, and whoever is writing the story.

It's always going to go back and forth.

Up until Nemesis, we don't see any wheeled vehicles, as if to give the message that they were obsolete. Everything was now anti gravity or hovercraft.
The car Kirk drove was an antique, not a "modern" vehicle. Just because automobiles are obsolete doesn't mean people don't still own them or know about them. Kirk would know something about cars because his Step-father/Uncle owned one. Of course the Kirk in ST09 has led a different life than the one in TOS. It's possible that TOS Kirk is less familar with wheeled vehicles than ST09 Kirk.

Harry Kim, from Picard's time, doesn't recognize a truck, although Picard in Nemesis suddenly breaks out the jeep.

Before that, even in environments similar to the one where Picard used the jeep, they never used wheeled vehicles.
Kim lived 100 years after Kirk and may not have known anyone who owned an antique truck or studied history. I know what a chariot and stagecoach are.

Even when they land in shuttles they mostly wind up hoofing it. For some reason no forms of ground transportation are standard issue for landing parties.

IMO, it was just a fun piece to add in the story, although it seemed awkward and out of place to some of us.
That it was, but not because it was a wheeled vehicle.

It's not that Kirk doesn't know what a car is, but that automobiles and wheeled vehicles were (considered) obsolete by his time.
So, he's not totally unfamiliar with them after all.

In TVH, Kirk himself walked right in front of a fast oncoming cab, as if he didn't understand the concept of oncoming cars and traffic
I've seen people who live with autos everyday do the same.
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