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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Amusingly enough, since you just watched Allen's Murnau tribute film:

110. Nosferatu (N/A)

Kingston's indie cinema is running a "birth of horror" feature on the three Wednesdays leading up to Halloween, beginning with Nosferatu (accompanied, in an attempt to mimic the 20s theatregoing experience, by the Felix the Cat cartoon Felix in Hollywood and Buster Keaton's The Haunted House; the former leans pretty heavily on pop culture references that don't mean anything today, the latter is a lot of fun).

I didn't give this a rating, because it's hard to evaluate. From a 2012 perspective, it's certainly not scary for an instant, and the acting (particularly from the guy playing the ersatz Jonathan Harker) is laughably over the top. But it's an undeniably enormous part of film history, and quite an achievement for its day. Definitely worth seeing. I do like how Murnau really makes "Ellen" the hero of the story.

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