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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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Regarding the corridors leading to the hangar deck I'm under the impression you had rationalized this by having several different decks leading to the different levels of the hangar deck. Wouldn't just one be sufficient?
I went with different corridors on different decks because:
  1. JTB and TIS showed the hallway going to the pressure door to the hangar deck. JTB showed that there was a side hallway next to the "A" frame. I placed the TIS hallway as the same hallway as their were no contradictions.
  2. DM's hallway put Decker's path very near the hangar deck. Due to the lack of width of the engineering hull I simply stacked the hallway above the JTB hallway and had them share the same turbolift shafts. I could've put the hallway below the JTB but I saved it for machinery space instead. It could not be the same as the JTB hallway since the pressure door wall was now angled and had the angular braces on it.
  3. LTBYLB hallway I placed at the flight deck level since they just landed the shuttle and their was a green tint light behind where Loki enters from which reminded me of the green tint light present where Kirk looks down at the flight deck in "TCOTK". I placed it on the port side of the ship to leverage the turbolift shaft.

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The (tighter) circular corridor arround the "yellow circle" at the bottom of the engineering hull could have been the one Matt Decker arrived on in "Doomsday Machine". There he took a corridor leading to the port side of the ship and made his way to the shuttle repair shops using a corridor close to the outside of the ship.
Can you illustrate out how you arrived at this? I've watched that episode many times but the only information I can tell was from the signage that put him near the hangar. (BTW, I'm not using a tighter circular corridor around the yellow circle.)
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