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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I parsed the combat logs for a single CSE with the Chimera as a sci-scort with a science boff in the universal Lt. Cmdr slot (TSS1, TBR1, GW1).

In Tactical mode, the ship was landing between 99.997 to 100% of all shots fired and of those shots, between 7.5% to 9% were critical hits. DPS wise, I was coming in 2nd place. Not bad considering there were 2 Gurambas and an Armitage in the group.

According to my combat logs, Phaser Lotus was landing 3.5k damage per shot. That is 3500 damage x 3 targets x 8 shots = 84k damage or 28k damage/target. That was with 100 weapons power. With 25 weapons power, the damage is halved.

For some strange reason, I can't find any entries for Tachyon Inversion Beam in the logs so I cannot provide actual numbers. What I can say is that I was hit with an isometric charge, dropping my hull to 10% and the negh'var, raptor and cube were all attacking me. My shields were dropping rapidly and I popped the TIB. It allowed me to hang on with all three borg ships pounding on my ship. A few seconds after TIB stopped, the ship blew up.
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