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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Uncanny Avengers #1--
Someone has to say it--

Oh my God...

Avengers 31-- The begining of Bendis' final arc (Despite the news that Ultron War is still coming) gets off to a good start. I was fan-boy giddy as soon as I realized that this mysterious woman in the micro-verse could only be...

Fantastic Four 611-- Ah, Hickman. I will miss you so. An interesting choice to not only feature only one member of the Fantastic Four in this "final issue", but the story itself was really a tale of Doom. In this issue, we pick up with Doom where Hickman last left him, alone with the "gift" Valeria gave him, and we see what Doom builds with it. The conclusion Doom reaches about his efforts says volumes about the character. However, Hickman's true song song, as indicated by the final page here, will be in his final issue of FF. Can't wait.

Captain America 18-- Meh. Brubaker's final arc reads like exactly what it is-- a rushed attempt to tie up all of the dangling plot threads before Bru leaves the book. Hopefully, next issue's done-in-one finale issue will allow Bru to leave on a higher note.
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