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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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And the same applies to authors, of course. How do you categorize authors like Tim Powers or Graham Joyce, or even Ellison, Leiber, Matheson, Sturgeon, etcetera?

But I suppose we're digressing a bit from "tv development news," so let's just note that sf, fantasy, and horror have blurred together on TV since the glory days of The Twilight Zone . . . .
Matheson was primarily a horror writer.
I feel obliged to point out that Richard is still in the present tense. He's currently developing a Broadway musical version of Somewhere in Time and his last novel, Other Kingdoms, was published just last year.

(It's an historical fantasy-romance with horror elements.)

Matheson is hard to classify. Yes, I've certainly described him as "the grand master of horror and suspense" when it fit the book, but he's also written westerns, a very good novel about World War II, some metaphysical stuff, and even a fair amount of science fiction, including such stories as "Third from the Sun," "The Invaders," and "Steel." (I think robot boxers qualifies as scifi!)

For the record, he stubbornly resists being labeled a horror writer . . . even though I still slap Stephen King quotes on most of his covers.

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