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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

I've been trying to watch the whole classic series for the past year by borrowing what I can from the library. Unfortunately the library doesn't have everything and I'm forced to skip around when somebody has already checked a serial out. In the past few days I've caught:

Death to the Daleks (Third Doctor).

A good story with interesting interactions between the members of the human expedition. The Daleks however were completely superfluous.

Planet of the Spiders (Third Doctor).

Another jaunt to the ever present Metebelis 3. This serial was well written, well acted and served as a great send-off for Jon Pertwee. The only part of the serial I found unnecessary were the human colonists on the planet. All they did was heal the Doctor and make a failed attack on the Spiders.

Robot (Fourth Doctor).

An interesting start for the Fourth Doctor but I think it borrows too heavily from Asimov. A robot with emotions story tends to grate on me quickly. I did however enjoy the twist of Professor Kettlewell being the founder of SRS.

The Ark in Space (Fourth Doctor).

Another well written story and the first real outerspace adventure since Frontier in Space. The Wirms were somewhat hokey but I liked the idea of people being used as incubators, a precursor to Alien.
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