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Re: Typhon Pact: Should I keep going?

I'm about halfway through Paths of Disharmony right now. I picked up all four TP books at the start of the year, whipped through Zero Sum Game, loving it, then hit Seize the Fire. I really disliked a lot of that book. Now, I will admit that the basic plot was interesting, and the way things were resolved was good, but I had trouble with the writing style and found that few of the characters gave me reason to care about them.

That stopped me dead in my tracks and I skipped off to other books for a while, starting the Vanguard series (currently hunting for book #3), some other non-Trek novels, etc. I picked up Rough Beasts last week and took 4 days to get through it, and really enjoyed it. Going back and reading the disappointed comments about the book surprised me, as I felt that it was an excellent story, and a logical direction for Sisko to move in. Oddly, I felt that I'd already read the Spock/Romulan portion of the story, so that was more than a bit weird.

That led me straight into Paths, and I'm finding it a bit hit and miss. It's nice to deal with the TNG crew again (I've found that their novel personas tend to be the best defined of the lot, and thus often the most fun to read), but I'm finding the Andorian stuff with Shar a bit rough to get through. I will admit that I didn't enjoy the Andor DS9 novel, but I did really like the Andorian comic that IDW put out a year or two ago, so take that as you will.

Reading through the comments in this thread, I'm really looking forward to the DS9/TP duology that came out recently, as it sounds like a strong and good "conclusion" to the Sisko storyline.
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