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Re: Any old timers still around?

I've been here since the summer of 2004, so that would be 8 years. I think that's approaching old timer, though I'd say being over the 10 year mark is a little more meaningful. I used to go by Yeah Me until...I have no idea when I changed names, I would guess in 2006. Someone I always remember, who I didn't personally interact much with but had a larger than life personality, was Arianwen. It looks like she stopped posting around 2007.

I don't post as often as I used to, mostly because I work full time now and have spent the last few years working on two graduate degrees, but I still lurk. It seems like this place (at least Miscellaneous) isn't quite as busy as it used to be. I remember missing a day or two on the boards and coming back to a few pages of new threads all lit up for me to read. Now it seems like I can be gone for a week or two and when I come back there really isn't that much new stuff. Maybe I'm just less interested in the new stuff there is, I don't know.

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Enterprise's last two episodes aired about 7 years and 5 months ago. This is the longest television has gone without a new episode of a Trek series since the thirteen-year gap between the end of TAS and the launch of TNG (1974-87).
It's so weird to read that - over seven years!? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was watching the "valentine" to the fans. So bizarre.

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Why am I thinking Blablover5. I'm pretty sure she had a couple that wasn't of a black lab once in a while when she still posted here. She's from Nebraska where they have those
Blablover posted so often that it took me a really long time before I realized her name stood for "Black Lab Lover." I always just thought it was "Blab Lover." Very fun poster to have around.
Wow, I totally missed that as well. I always assumed it was "blab lover," poking fun at her prolific posting habits. I knew she loved black labs but the name never clicked for me I guess!
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