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Re: TNG Caption This! 286: Power to the Players: The Sequel!

William T. Riker- Men, women, aliens, androgynous beings, potted plants... if it has an orifice he can get into, he's all over it.

Picard: Well done Doctor, you're quite talented at the Picard Maneuver. We'll continue practicing at 1800 tomorrow. Bring more viagra.
Crusher: Aye, aye, captain.

Worf: Klingon women have better cleavage.

Picard: I'm not a spying pervert. It's a legitimate profession dating back to ancient Earth history! See?

Picard: This is intolerable... how long do we have to put up with Wesley learning to drive? Isn't there anyone else we can use?!
Riker: Well Geordi's busy in engineering, Yar's dead so Worf had to take over tactical. Troi's not doing anything...
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