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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

The Chimera is a nice ship. I wouldn't call it OP.
The consoel is as gimmicky as usual.
Half the time the Phaser Lotus has no effect at all, and it strips you of all weapon power anyway. Much worse than Beam Overload in that respect. And it shares a cooldown with BO.

The Tachyon Inversion beam is pretty harmless, too, unless fully specced for drain powers I guess.

The true power of teh ship is it's versatility. I'd put it on the same level as the Odyssey prototype.
However it has an awesome turnrate and if some so wishes he can use it as a full escort.

Myself I did much better in it, once I configured it into a light cruiser/frigate ship with balance between tankyness and dps.
I use phased Tetryon beams and have an engineer in my LC station. No use putting a sci in there, since I have only half the basic sci points necessary to make it count.
Got complimented on reasonable good fighting skill with her in Ker'rat and managed to fight Blamo to a draw (not so much with an escort set up mind you).

If you like cruisers but hate the slow turn rate, this ship is for you.
If you like escorts... an actual escort might be better.
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