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Re: Paramount IP enforcement, has it hit any productions yet?

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Keep in mind, that even if you are not committing a profit violation by soliciting funds beforehand, CBS Legal still can shut you down on the grounds of you even using 'Star Trek'. This usually does not happen because they don't want to set a precedent that could harm the fanbase. But, they could play that card if they see something that could effect there profits and/or brand integrity. Usually these are on a case by case basis.
Again, your insight is right on.

Interesting that Lucasfilm has instituted a set of rules for Star Wars fan films. I would love to see the same for CBS and Star Trek.

At the very least, we should be sharing general guidelines, which are not bound by confidentiality. Such as, don't use the word "official", or make sure Star Trek is much smaller than the title of your production, or don't sell DVD's.

There is a basic set of guidelines that we all should be familiar with, that CBS has shared many times, that have nothing to do with anyone's website.

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