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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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Yeah, from the demo, camera and controls seemed the weakest (I had to fidget around to make sure I was clicking the right place for cover).

I also had the biggest scare in my life when I moved my promoted unit inches from the enemy and pushed fire only to be told I was out of ammo. The next turn, the alien pointed and hit a wounding, but non-fatal shot.

I'm unfortunately in law school, which is the worst of both worlds when it comes to free time. I'll try to check it out at some point, though.
I've had close calls multiple times.. near the end of a story mission i had to capture a specific alien and have this stunner on 2 of my guys.. i rush both of them into the room because it only works on very close range but naturally i don't make it all the way in.

He takes out one of my guys and leaves him bleeding on the floor (depending on severity you have more or less time before he finally dies or you can stabilize him with a medpack) and the other one closes in and i pray that he doesn't miss.. luckily he hit and i got home with the trophy.

In only 3 hours of gaming i had multiple, hollywodlike actions when fighting the aliens.. i really like this game.
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