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Re: The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Discussion

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Actually, Leonard is a grade A asshole. All he does is stay hunched over making hate-filled, snide remarks about everyone around him if they don't have a pair of tits. Galecki himself doesn't come across much better in interviews either, at least to me.
I saw him on Ferguson a few months ago and was not impressed a bit. Made me wonder how he could keep a gal like Cuoco interested for two years.
Honestly i never thought of him as an asshole.. maybe people mistake being professional and neutral as something assholish and expect actors to gush over their show endlessly and praise it to high heaven.. i don't know.

Maybe he's got thinner nerves than what's usual for an actor.. i know that fans can be really possessive and rude and if you have been exposed to that for 8-10 hours straight during conventions or something like that you may get fed up and react needlessly aggressive.

On the show i don't see it at all.. he's got the part who brings everydone down to reality when they start to float up into nerd nirvana.. sometimes you need to be a little harsh and direct to show them they are overdoing it.
However i never thought of it as hate filled or snide at all.. i like Leonard a lot and often laugh at his comments (and the others target him too once in a while).
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