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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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You can play the PC demo if you're just curious about gameplay?
I'm not worried about gameplay but the controls.. i've never played a strategy game on a console and am curious.

As fate would have it i have the full game now.

First impressions after about 3-4 hours:

I'm very impressed. I hoped they would do the original justice and they did. They created a fast paced, intense game full of tactical and strategic depth.

They eliminated parts that bogged or broke down the original (laser rifle production spam for example or the ammo micromanaging) and have improved in other areas (i just love the cover system).

Strategically it's also quite good.. you'll never be able to build everything because you'll always be short on something.. engineers/alien alloys to manufacture advanced equipment/money (you can sell alien stuff but then you can't produce certain equipment because of the lack of certain stuff).

When the mission description says Very difficult it means that.. missions like these you'll be lucky to get out of with only 2/3 of your squad heavily wounded. I'm at the story part where you have to assault the first (?) alien base and i dread the prospect of what i have to go up against.

Graphicswise it is decent.. it is not state of the art but good and does the job well. Camera/area controls could have been a little better but that's only a minor gripe.

Unfortunately i'm no student anymore so i can't blow off attending university the next day to play all night.. work life sucks
But i'll be definitely enjoying this game in the next days/weeks (curious how close they have remained to the original story).
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