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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One


Penar (sp?) Syndrome. Poor T'Pol. As soon as those Vulcans requested to come aboard the ship, I suspected that they knew what Doctor Phlox was trying to do. It just seemed a little mean to make her explain the illness when 3 Vulcan doctors were sitting right there. So, her "attacker" gave it to her. Even with Vulcans, who are supposed to be so enlightened, the victim gets victimized. Sad. No wonder why she didn't want to go to one of them. And of course, Archer unwittingly rubs it in at the dinner table. It's like she got an STD, and they're calling her a "dirty girl" when treatment is needed. Dr. Phlox underestimated their ability to put 2 and 2 together, and unfortunately he wasn't discreet enough. I'm not sure if being "discreet enough" was possible.

And then, I didn't like the fact that Archer throws a fit because Phlox didn't tell him what data he requested and why. There really wasn't a reason to at the time, but of course all Archer can think about is what he didn't get. I really didn't like the way he handled T'Pol when he called her and Phlox into his office. He didn't even seem to care about her or how she was doing, and it seemed kind of slow of him to not gather that the reason why the Doctor and T'Pol hadn't said anything was because it was a sensitive issue among Vulcans.

I can't believe that T'Pol had to spell it out for him that the guy that pretty much mind-raped her (remember that, Archer?) was responsible for her contracting the syndrome. I just can't help thinking that Sisko or Picard would have been a little more caring and understanding and not so slow and emotional. Even what I've seen of Kirk would suggest this. They probably would have said something near the end of the episode along the lines of "In the future..." but they wouldn't have behaved like Archer, that's for sure. What a shame. And it just says something about him when he finally remembers, "Oh, right, you were raped a while back. Forgot about that. Okay, well, I think the Vulcans will understand." I love how people often have to walk on eggshells for him and he has all the sensitivity and delicacy of a sledgehammer.

End rant. On to the Denobulan wife. Poor Trip was trying his best to fend her off, only to find that Phlox didn't care in the first place, lol. The awkwardness this caused was a nice touch to show a difference between cultures.

Back to T'Pol. I'm glad that one of the Vulcan doctors knew how to handle her situation with the discretion and care that it deserved. It was nice that she had someone she could actually talk to that understood her situation. At least Archer partly redeemed himself when he got the hearing and didn't divulge anything when asked. I think the best part was when T'Pol decided she wouldn't stay silent in her support for the doctor that helped her. Challenging the bias of the VHC is a good thing.

Grade: B minus
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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