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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

I'm not, just not projecting it to equate to the happy little suburban villages that the show has given us. Only point was that it would take a long time to get back to these things. We aren't just going a step backwards, we're taking the whole ladder away, so would take a while to get back up.

Basically, just think they didn't go far enough in wrecking the world, and underestimated the impact. Treating it as a fun little family romp when the subject would have been closer to Walking Dead than what we got instead (minus the zombie thing, it would have been live people eating you).

That's closer to the number of survivors, and the small bands of survivors getting together. They weren't trying to figure out steam engines, either

15 years might not be a bad timeframe to show these groups coming together into larger units, but they didn't go far enough in wrecking things first.
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